At the beginning of the fall season, the largemouth can be hard to pattern because they are constantly on the move looking for shad that are scattered. The most important thing about rods is you want to have a soft to moderate tip on the rod. Many lakes do not allow power boats, while others are not good to bring your furry friend along. I’m also catching a lot out around 14 to 16 feet deep. Sometimes a stop and go operation is better. Thus, a dark lure is easier for bass to see and strike accurately at night. which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. Beyond that I think a lot of anglers think too shallow when they’re fishing in the fall. By John Neporadny Jr. September can be a tease or a trigger for fall bass fishing on the Show Me State's lakes. Some of the very best fall fishing often seems to line up with brutal conditions. There’s not a better bait in your tackle box than a crankbait for catching aggressive fall bass roaming over structure. If a bait doesn’t have a rattle, I don’t even think about fishing with it. Best Bass Lures For Fall. It’s one of my go to lures when I start out looking for smallmouth. But I do have my favorites. Ah yes, the good ol’ crankbait. What to use: Look for a bait between 2 3/4 and 3 1/2 inches in length. This is a perfect choice currently available in the market at the cheapest price. A crankbait has a hard body, and it mimics the appearance of a baitfish. Here we have one of my favorite bass lures of all time. There are certain lures that are especially great for fall bass fishing. This crankbait is ideal for crashing and deflecting into shallow cover, ripping through vegetation, bouncing around rocks or fishing in open water. Most of the quality bass are out on the drops and in deeper water. As the name implies, this series was designed by David Fritts. When he’s fishing farther back into the creeks around thick logs and laydowns, he’ll use a 6’6” (TKVD664MA). Crankbaits have a bill or a lip on the front, and that is what helps them dive quickly into the water. First, they’re incredibly affordable, and you get six with each package. And, a steady wind is not always best. Crankbaits dive hard into the water and typically suspend between two and six inches from the surface unless you have a deep diver. From line, rod, and reel, to the best retrieves for big bass using crankbaits in the Fall. Cold Water Crankbait Tricks For Big Bass In Winter . Just be aware that you might have to throw a weight on it since they’re so light. Buzzbaits Buzzbaits have a strong reputation for being a springtime bait, and this is because spring is a time when... 3. This sounds like a lot of work, but they also work well for ultralight rods and lightweight line. For this reason, slow moving baits make the best winter bass lures. We often find ourselves bundled up in ice fishing gear. They’re micro crankbaits, and most people use them when scoping out new water. Whether you're throwing reaction baits or finesse baits, this article breaks down your best options for fall bass fishing. When deciding whether or not to eat, a bass will consider how much energy it is willing use to pursue prey, and if it’s worth burning the energy or not. tournaments into November. Best Rod and Reels to use With a Crankbait, Sound chamber loaded with BBs to create a rattling noise, Since this is a lipless crankbait, it will move quickly through open water, Dives around three feet below the surface, Square billed crankbaits move erratically through the water. But lipless baits will catch them, too, if you fish them right. What I would suggest doing is taking these to a spot you’re incredibly familiar with, and you know there is a lot of sizable 3+ pound bass there. Jeff Sprague's 5 Key Fall Bass Fishing Lures include the following: Topwater walking bait Jerkbait Lipless rattle bait Shallow crankbait Vibrating swim jig A slow, methodical retrieve works best. Suspends around 3 feet beneath the surface, Dives around six feet and requires a moderate to expert level retrieval, Multi-jointed lures offer a realistic presentation. If you don’t use one of them I suggest you make sure what you do use meets everything I said about what you need in a fall crankbait. Most of the quality bass are out on the drops and in deeper water. We discuss each bait and share inside tips on how to put it tot he best use for a successful day of bass fishing. These guys are a powerful lure with the ability to dive deep or shallow, bang off the rocks, or move quickly through dense cover. That’s something you should keep in mind, too. During this time, the bass start to huddle up and stay together... Large Swimbaits. This lure offers a rhythmic rattle meant to attract attention. Goture Fishing Lures for Bass Metal Spinner Baits Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait 3/8oz (5 Pack) BESTSELLER NO. Baitfish and other creatures bass feed on need to blend in with their surroundings to prevent getting preyed upon. You want it to fall into the top of the vegetation and get hung, attracting nearby bass. These Tips will make it so easy that anyone can fish a lipless crankbait with confidence. Considering the low cost of these spinnerbaits and quality of construction I find them to be one of the best value fall bass lures out there. I’ve seen days when a small color change will make the difference between catching a good limit and coming back to the dock with nothing. By Kyle Peterson & McKeon Roberts • Nov 17, 2020. A lot of folks like fishing buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and other quick-return lures in the fall, but listen to a lot of the pros (which I try to do my best to emulate) and they’ll tell you that a crankbait belongs in your arsenal. I don’t know what’s the most important, but I’ll start by talking about noise. 11. Then when the lure is suspended is when the bass will become curious about it and decide if they will strike or not. After a few seconds, you can start your retrieval. You never know. One thing that a lot of experts like Kevin Vandam recommend with crankbaits is to fish them where there is cover. It requires specialized baits (We even designed our own specifically for the technique), high-speed reels, and a very unique cadence with the retrieve. Buy the BOOYAH Pond Magic Spinnerbait here. Other than that, you won’t get the power you need from a spinning reel to get the crankbaits down as you would with a baitcaster. They have rattles, dive deep at any speed and, unlike other deep divers, they have a small body. As the price climbs over $150, sets trend to a handful of high-quality, finely crafted lures of just one type. Bass will most often strike a lipless crankbait on the fall, as it is sinking towards the lake floor. 6th Sense Crush. When they break free from the vegetation is what often triggers a strike. I find the jointed lures offer the best presentation because they appear natural when moving through the water. For fall bass fishing baits grab your favorite topwater lure, so long as it’s a buzzbait, a few shallow running crankbait lures, some spinnerbait lures that are white or mostly white, some swim baits and where legal, an Alabama Rig when bass are suspending. Swap them around until you find what they like. How you retrieve a crankbait in the fall is really important. I like to use these in smaller ponds where there might be a lot of vegetation. Everything about Fall crankbait bass fishing you need to know. Finally, they’re durable, the hooks are strong, and the presentation is solid with the BBs inside. Another fall trend is schooling bass. What to Look For. The best crankbait for bass fishing will have a lip and two treble hooks, but your individual fishing style will determine what works best for you overall. An excellent Crankbait that features tiny… source. Let’s talk about some of the best baits to throw this fall! It’s early fall, not late fall. Spinnerbaits work best on windy, overcast days, so they work well for fall bass fishing. The fall bite is almost here. I wouldn’t recommend this lure to someone who doesn’t have experience. Yes! Many bass anglers think you can only use jigs and soft plastics during spring but cranks are a great bass fishing lure. This time of year is also my favorite time to throw crankbaits because they allow me to cover water and find the most aggressive bass. I prefer tight wigglers in late fall and early spring when the water is clear, cold and bass are more fickle. Fall is the time to take advantage of the best baits for bass when the lakeshores are extra pretty, most waters are less crowded than they have been and temperatures feel good through the middle of the day. Deep diving crankbaits will do the opposite, and they’ll dive as deep as 20 feet in-depth, and the lip on these creates a powerful wiggling motion in the water that leads to a louder disturbance which creates more attention. Water Clarity. These hard-bodied fishing lures cover a ton of water in a short amount of time, which makes them a favorite of tournament anglers all over the country. Ask a dozen anglers what lure is best for fall cranking and you’ll get a dozen answers. A spinnerbait isn’t just one specific lure, but more of an umbrella term for lures with a similar feature.

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