□□ When not in use, store the compressor in a cool, dry place. Position the cord so that it will not get caught on lumber, tools, or other obstructions while you are working with a power tool. 4. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury. Use of any other parts may create a hazard or cause product damage. WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with products to make you careless. I let it cool for 30 minutes and then cranked it back up to full pressure. CAUTION: Risk of unsafe operation. WARNING: Risk of bursting. This speed is not constant and decreases under a load or with lower voltage. Summary of Contents for Husky C302H Page 1THANK YOU We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Husky through the purchase of this air compressor. Husky C302H Manuals & User Guides. □□ Keep compressors as far from the spraying area as possible: at least 15 ft. (4.6 m) from the spraying area and all explosive vapors. Failure to do so could result in possible serious personal injury. C302H_HUSKY_manual_5-15-ENG.indd 1 6/10/15 12:05 PM. There is excessive moisture in the discharge air. Safety Information (continued) AIR COMPRESSOR AND PNEUMATIC TOOL SAFETY WARNING: Do not attempt to modify this tool or create accessories not recommended for use with this tool. They are as charming as they are beautiful. □□ Turn the air compressor OFF ( O ). Pump. Depending on the environmental conditions, drain the condensate daily and/or every hour. Use eye protection [ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/ CSA Z94.3)] when draining, as debris can be kicked up into face. Air Compressor Husky C302H Use And Care Manual. bs s /lbs Service Parts (continued) C302H, AIR COMPRESSOR Item Number Description Part Number 1 Tank 30G Vp Black E106042 2 Valve Drain .25Npt E106644 3 Bumper Rubber Foot E107323 4 .250-20 X 1.50 Screw E106660 5 Wheel 10in Pneumatic E107324 6 Bolt Shoulder .375-16 X 3.40 E107325 7 Nut . The motor must be allowed to cool down before restarting. and 3/4 in. Page 1. This is a nice little web tool that takes basic information about your situation and lets you know if you have any areas of concern as a husky owner. Questions & Answers Compressor. Safety Information (continued) ELECTRICAL SAFETY (EXTENSION CORDS) WARNING: When using an extension cord, keep it clear of the working area. Service Parts C302H, AIR COMPRESSOR 24 26 30 22 31 32 27 35 24 9 23 12 25 8 13 34 37 14 36 33 NOTES: 19 16 21 15 18 28 20 24 Torque to 55-100 in/lbs 32 Torque to 35-65 in/lbs 34 Torque to 15-20 lb-ft/lbs 1 3 5 6 4 36 37 7 2 26 C302H_HUSKY_manual_5-15-ENG. 1 WARNING: Risk of bursting. For instructions, see Draining the tank section of the manual. Pre-Operation (continued) ATTACHING THE HOSE WARNING: Do not attempt to modify this product or create accessories not recommended for use with this product. Husky Air Compressor: List of Devices # Model Type of Document; 21: Husky H1503TP2: ... Husky Air Compressor C302H Husky Air Compressor Use and care manual (29 pages) Husky … Repair parts for Husky Portable Air Compressor C302H. It has powerful 2.0 hp motor and two-cylinder air pump which is made of alloy cast iron for greater durability. 2 WARNING: Risk from noise. portable vertical air compressor with 200 max PSI provides 2x longer air tool run time compared to typical 26 Gal. The compressor continuously runs. Maintenance (continued) CHECKING THE OIL 1 WARNING: Drain the tank to release air pressure before removing the oil fill cap or oil drain plug. We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Husk, We strive to continually create quality products designed to enhance your home. It delivers 6.2 SCFM at 40psi, 5.3 SCFM at 90psi and maximum pressure is 155psi. Air Compressor Husky C302H Use And Care Manual. Water will condense in the air tank. $7.05 Part Number: E106660. Husky 10 Gallon Air Compressor, L210VWD; Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor, C201H; Husky 26 Gallon Air Compressor with 2 Air Tools, F2S26VWDVP1; Husky 30 Gal Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor, C302H; Husky 30 Gallon Air Compressor, C303H, 175 psi; Husky 30 Gallon Truck Mount Air Compressor – HHA9093080.ES; Husky 33 Gallon Air Compressor, C331H Discontinued Discontinued $365.52. 1 □□ Make sure the Auto/Off switch (1) is in the “Off” position. Minimum branch circuit requirement 15 A Fuse type Time delay Net weight 148 lbs. In Stock, 8 … 3. 39 Husky Air Compressor Manuals and User Guides (47 Models) were found in All-Guides Database. □□ Check the fuse/breaker. Husky Automobile Accessories Manuals … products available for your home improvement needs. Any such alteration or modification is misuse and could result in a hazardous condition leading to possible serious personal injury. Husky C302H Pdf User Manuals. CAUTION: Overfilling with oil will cause premature air compressor failure. □□ There is no power to the unit. 155 psi Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor. Allow the motor to cool. This Husky 27 Gal. Fig # 1 TANK 30G VP BLACK. It has a lot capacity of air tank, quality powerful motor and low price compared to the similar compressors of other brands. Operation (continued) 4 Running the air compressor WARNING: Always ensure the switch is in the OFF position and regulator pressure gauge reads zero before changing air tools or disconnecting the hose from the air outlet. Husky 2.0 Running HP 30 Gallon Vertical Compressor is a great compressor which can be used both in the household purposes and auto repair workshops. Safety Information (continued) ELECTRICAL SAFETY (SPEED AND WIRING) □□ The no-load speed of this product is approximately 3,450 rpm. Depress the red reset button on the motor. Serious damage may result if the following break-in instructions are not closely followed. Husky 30 Gal. To check the alignment, perform the following steps: P A1 □□ Turn the air compressor off, lock out the power supply, and relieve all air pressure from the air tank. B Pressure Switch: The pressure switch automatically starts the motor when the air tank pressure drops below the factory set “cut-in” pressure. Document Number: E109204 05/20/2015 C302H_HUSKY_manual_5-15-ENG. The Husky 30 Gal. □□ The safety valve automatically releases air when the receiver pressure exceeds the preset maximum. Click on this pawprint to go to The Husky Profiler. □□ Torque to 14-16 ft‑lbs. □□ Call an electrician. Possible Cause Solution □□ There is a loss of power or the motor is overheated. Item # 911625 Model # C601H USE AND CARE GUIDE 60 GALLON STATIONARY AIR COMPRESSOR Questions, problems, missing parts? Keep face and other body parts away from outlet of drain. 150 air compressors. Compressed Gas Association, 4221 Walney Road, Fifth Floor, Chantilly, VA 20151-2923, (703) 788-2700, www.cganet.com. 30 gallon portable air compressor (72 pages), 33-gallon portable air compressor (80 pages), 60 gallon stationary air compressor (28 pages), 60-gallon stationary air compressor (56 pages), Husky air compressor operator's manual (61 pages), Husky air compressor operator's manual (57 pages), 20 gallon portable air compressor (36 pages), 4 gallon oil free portable stack tank air compressor (45 pages), 80-gallon stationary air compressor (32 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Air Compressor Husky C301H Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky C331H Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky C601H Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky C602H Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky A05051 Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky D28752 Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky D29616 Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky H1301F Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky H1820F Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky H1504ST2 Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky VT631402AJ Operating Instructions Manual, Air Compressor Husky H1503TP Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky 80-GALLON STATIONARY AIR COMPRESSOR Use And Care Manual, Air Compressor Husky 395-226 Owner's Manual, Air Compressor Husky 41004 Operator's Manual, Air Compressor Husky WL6500 Series Operating Instructions Manual, Page 4: Air Compressor And Pneumatic Tool Safety, Page 22: Aligning The Pulley And Flywheel, Page 23: Torquing The Compressor Head Bolts. the power source. (19–21.7 Nm). Database contains 1 Husky C302H Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Use and care manual . Before returning to the store, call Husky Customer Service 8 a.m – 6 p.m., EST, Monday-Friday 1-888-43-HUSKY HUSKYTOOLS.COM THANK YOU We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in Husky through the purchase of this 60 gallon … 175 psi High Performance Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor is perfect for consumers who want a powerful machine that operates quietly. It delivers 13.4 SCFM at 40psi and 11.5 SCFM at 90psi. Thank you for choosing Husky! Maintenance (continued) CLEANING THE AIR FILTER From time to time, the air filter needs to be removed and cleaned. Husky C302H 30 Gallon 155 Psi Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor Parts. 6.2 SCFM at 40 PSI Air delivery 5.3 SCFM at 90 PSI Tank Fill-up 7.5 minutes Lubrication Oil lube 120V, 60 Hz, Single phase Input AC only, 15 Amps. It reveals the components of the circuit as streamlined shapes, and the power and also signal connections between the gadgets. Maintenance (continued) ADJUSTING THE BELT TENSION Down ward F OTE: Once the engine pulley has been moved from its N factory set location, the groves of the flywheel and pulley must be aligned to within 1/16 in.

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