As the Enclave crumbled, beasts called laigreks began nesting in the lower levels, harrying and sometimes killing any who encroached on their eggs. Members of the Council speak with Bastila Shan in a meeting chamber of the Jedi Enclave. [2], As the Sith forces left Dantooine, the settlers of the planet were able to sustain a semblance of government by exploiting the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. Despite the Council's belief that more Jedi were needed for the task, they dispatched only three Knights; eventually all three were killed. bombed the Enclave into a big pile of rocks in his search for the Jedi Bastila Shan. After all, we hear the Jedi Masters tell us that the ancient grove has been perverted and tainted from the dark side. Guarded by deadly laigrek, the fiercest kind, you'll find the body of this dead salvager. Following the Sith invasion the sublevels were deemed off limits by the Khoonda Militia, the new stewards of the Enclave after the Jedi were destroyed following the Jedi Civil War. Using the lost and heretical Jedi cloning facilities, Magnus eventually came to develop cloning techniques which could produce a developed clone within hours. While operations had restarted on Dantooine, the Enclave was abandoned indefinitely following the return of the Sith Empire, the original organization not seen since the Great Hyperspace War. From the courtyard the ancient Rakatan Ruins left from the Infinite Empire was slightly visable and still strong with the dark side; kath hounds near these ruins were more dangerous, and people were told by the Council to avoid the area. The Nova Blades' incursion took place just to the West of the Enclave, which was left mostly untouched throughout the battle. They're on Alderaan." Two moonsfloated in the skies above the savannahs of lavender and yellow grasses. The governance of the training facility was conferred to this body sometime after the Great Sith War, when the first overseer and the founder of the Jedi academy, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, died at the hands of his former apprentice Exar Kun. The memories that had been created for him through the Force by the Jedi Council allowed him to be trained as a Jedi again without the dark taint of his past as ruler of the Sith. 1.8k votes, 48 comments. The Handmaiden Brianna was appointed the task of acquiring a number of valuable Jedi relics by the former mistress of the Jedi Archives on Coruscant, Jedi Master Atris, who was gathering knowledge of the Force to a secret academy on Telos IV, as was intended in case of a sudden attack on the Jedi Enclave. Despite the historian's claim, the Order reestablished operations at the site nearly a century later, but the Enclave was permanently abandoned by the time of the Great Galactic War.[9]. As Jedi Surik sought him out, she discovered that the people of Khoonda still held bitter memories of the Sith occupation that the presence of the Enclave cost them. Location(s) At this stage just go along with everything they say. [2], In a bizarre turn of events, the Jedi heroes of the Mandalorian War returned from the Unknown Regions, proclaiming themselves Dark Lord of the Sith under the titles Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Qel-Droma and Nuur fell on Korriban, while Saresh, after separating from the two, died on Kashyyyk, leading to the ultimate failure of their mission.[5]. Located on the north wing were the visitors' quarters, used by local non-Jedi in need of a place to rest and recuperate. Jedi Order Return to Dantooine, cutscene showing rebuilt enclave not showing. This was suggested a while ago and I haven't seen it since but I would really like to see a stronghold of the rebuilt Jedi enclave, as it is in KOTOR 1/2. It comprised four Jedi Masters and went through many membership changes in its history. An olive, blue, and brown colored world, Dantooine was remote from the bustle of the galactic trade routes. This Council was a subset of the Jedi High Council on Coruscant; Jedi Masters such as Vrook Lamar and Vandar Tokare held a seat on both councils during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. General information Really loving how green Dantooine looks now, Darth Parametric! Dantooine Jedi Enclave Bug (Kotor 2) Alright, I'm running the latest Version of TSLRCM so I have all of the planets done, told all the masters to go to Dantooine, not sure if this has any effect but I … One such example is the Tarisian Jedi Council which operated the Jedi Tower on Taris. There was an equatorial one that was connected to a larger northern one and a south polar one by slender land bridges, as well as a disconnected north-eastern continent. After agreeing to meet with others who thought like Gall, Jedi Master Dar'Nala and the Wookiee mercenary Dalborra met with Tavus in the ruined Council Chambers. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. During this time the Council convened to discuss the dangers posed by now-deceased Sith Lord Kun's dark side beast called terentateks. The Galactic Republic had no military protecting Dantooine so the task was given to the Jedi Order, who established a Jedi Enclave there. ". Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War–class. This Council would oversee the reconditioning of the amnesic Darth Revan, and train him to overthrow the remaining Sith legions. A small courtyard was established to connect the north and east wings of the building, stretching like spokes from the central building. After the war with the Mandalorians, the defeated clans were sent into exile on the Outer Rim, and since Dantooine was so far from the Core Worlds, some started gathering there and poured their inbred need for conquest into petty raids on the settlers. At the center of the courtyard stood a large circular planter containing a large tree; benches were spaced around the area and meditation was encouraged. Dantooine is mostly an agricultural world, despite this, an important colony in the Outer Rim Territories. PLEAS HELP KOTOR 2 crashes on dantooine jedi enclave This topic is locked from further discussion. If you have any other quests to finish, such as the fuel situation on Telos, or the merchant Geeda's trade routes on Nar Shaddaa, then now is … A normal day on Dantooine lasted 25 standard hours, and a local year lasted 378 local days. Dopak is the leader of this camp and he’ll give you some information about what they’re up to. Despite the advanced technology, the ancient Jedi technology was indeed flawed and produced a mild psychosis in the clones.[3]. As the Galactic Empire took control of the galaxy, the Rebel Alliance set up a base near the ruins of the Enclave as they prepared to destroy the Empire and restore the Republic. [1] Training the Human Kun was a priority of Baas' as he believed he would be a truly powerful Jedi. 2) Mercenary Camp – If you bring Mandalore (from Dxun) he’ll receive a challenge from Esok who wants his Helm. A woman named Daraala sells some useful Jedi artefacts and will give you a quest to bring dead bodies up from the enclave sub level. [8], Where once the east entrance was completely caved in, Surik was able to pass with Jedi Master Kreia to meet the remains of the High Council. Many notable Jedi of the time trained at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave; including Exar Kun, Revan and Malak. [12] The facility, which was completely manned by droids, would scan the minds of the subjects to be cloned and implant their memories into the cloned brains. Discovering the bodies of the Council members, Jada determined that the Enclave could never be rebuilt, and abandoned the site to history. While exploring the ruin Vader discovered a mystifying cloning facility left from ancient times; Vader came to the correct conclusion that the technology was a remnant of ancient cloning research carried out by the Jedi Order. Jedi Enclave The west courtyard of the Enclave, with entrance to the younglings' quarter and view of the superior Council chamber. The Jedi at the Enclave also served as a local security force, solving kidnappings, murders and family disputes; they took no steps, however, to stop the Mandalorian raiders until actual casualties were reported. Attacking nearby settlements, the clones were eventually defeated and the cloning facility as well as the Enclave left abandoned for the final time. The eastern "spoke" of the academy building housed the main hallway leading into the Enclave's central courtyard building. 3956 BBY[2] Cut content in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords included a character named Kaevee, a Jedi Padawan who remained in the sublevel after the bombardment by the Sith. Discovering a cave filled with naturally occurring crystals vital to the making of a Jedi's lightsaber, Baas erected his academy circa 4016 BBY, henceforth known as the Enclave. Jedi Order[1]Galactic Empire[3] Not far from the Archives chamber was was a room hosting the Enclave mainframe computer and a cluster of power conductors. After the end of the Civil War, three surviving Jedi returned to Dantooine to pass judgment one final time on the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik. So after finding all the Jedi masters and finishing the Onderon quest, I headed to Dantooine to meet the masters. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, while being interrogated by Saul Karath on the location of the enclave, Revan was quoted as saying, "Alderaan. Made up of three large above ground buildings and containing a ground floor and subterranean level, all areas of the Enclave were accessible from its main, central courtyard building which acted like a hub for navigating the compound. Like the Archives at the Jedi Temple on the capital world, the large chamber held its collection of holobooks on large stacks along its walls. As on Coruscant, Force-sensitive children were trained in the ways of the Force; however, the selection process was more rigorous and only the candidates with the highest potential were admitted. The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine is a hidden refuge for. Revan, former Jedi and Sith Lord returns to the Enclave during the war aboard the Ebon Hawk. However, access to the enclave is barred off by a death barrier, and if the player tries to jump down the cliff, they will die and respawn elsewhere. As the number of terentateks dwindled, the Council declared the hunt over, but secretly assigned Jedi Knights Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nuur, and Guun Han Saresh to wipe out the last remnants of the beasts that remained on Korriban. Several of the Sith Lord's former followers journeyed to Dantooine, seeking out peace with the Council and admittance to the Enclave for retraining. Wealthy land owner Ahlan Matale would also visit the Enclave and bother Jedi Master Vrook Lamar over his bickerings with Nurik Sandral.[2]. [8], During these years, the ruins were sought by others as well. Builder(s) At the end of the hall stood a stone statue under a unique light fixture. An add-on for TSLRCM, Extended Enclave restores several minutes of additional material to flesh out the fateful confrontation with Kreia and the masters. Nisi argued that three Jedi was not enough to send on such a high-stakes mission; while Qual and Stusea thought they should trust in the High Council's decisions to send the trio. Dantooine: Jedi Enclave: ===== This installment in the KotOR Series is called Dantooine: Jedi Enclave. Common folk could be found milling around just outside the Enclave walls, where they were safe from raiders and kath hounds. I uploaded this as a tribute to the KotoR fans. The Council Chamber suffered a direct hit during the attack and had been obliterated, revealing the lower level gathering chamber to natural light. Sensing the arrival of Atris' bodyguards, the Handmaiden Sisters, at the Enclave, Traya disappeared as to let the Handmaidens capture Surik and take her back to the remote academy on Telos IV. At the time of the Great Hunt, the Council consisted of Jedi Masters Vrook Lamar, Bala Nisi, Qual, and Aleco Stusea. Other information Overseen by a satellite of the Jedi High Council, the Enclave trained many influential Jedi during its centuries of operation, only closing during the Jedi Civil War when the attack on Dantooine by the forces of Darth Malak destroyed the structure. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She tried hiding in the Matale estate, only to see Shen Matale and other Matales die and … The Dantooine Jedi Enclave is a Jedi academy located on the planet Dantooine for the Jedi Order to train new generations of Jedi Knights without being disturbed by the Sith Empire. [3], A prominent feature on Dantooine, the Jedi Enclave's facade was fashioned from local stone and masonry and made distinctive by large fin-like stone structures that encircled the complex's main buildings. Leaving X2 for dead the Imperials withdrew from the Enclave, leaving it once more filled with corpses. As the last members of the Jedi Council of Dantooine attempted to pass judgment on Surik and strip her of the Force, Traya retaliated and murdered the Jedi by draining the Force from them. It’s time to bring Act II to a close then. From what I remember there's supposed to be a short cutscene showing the restored Enclave but that didn't show up. During the meeting, the Jedi managed to convince Tavus to join them in a meeting with Sith representatives in the nearby Crystal Caves,[10], Joined by Jedi Satele Shan, Master Dar'Nala, Jedi Gall, Lieutenant Tavus, and Dalborra entered the caves to meet with Darth Angral and Darth Baras. When you have both, either tamper with the will to forge your own name and return to Zherron for (DS Points), or simply return to Zherron for a reward and (LS Points). PLEASE HELP I HAVE SPENT MANY HOURS PLAYING KOTOR 2 AND I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY AGAIN. The Jedi, Juhani, a Cathar who received training on Dantooine from Jedi Master Quatra, petitioned the Council to allow her to follow Revan offplanet as he journey to complete his final mission, and to whom the Council granted the wish to join Revan in his quest: to stop Malak and the destroy the Sith Empire. The chamber's floor was overgrown with weeds and all furnishing had long been stolen. Jedi Enclave Council At the time of the Mandalorian Wars, the group had changed slightly; Qual and Stusea had been replaced with Zhar Lestin, a notable Jedi instructor from Coruscant, and the wise and venerable Master Vandar Tokare. The entrance is at Jedi Courtyard (#8) on Dantooine, which will now become open to you. The Enclave Council debates the fate of Revan in the main gathering chamber. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ruins of the Jedi Enclave during the time of the Galactic Civil War, The Enclave remained abandoned for the next several millennia, through war and peace time as the Jedi Order thrived on Coruscant and the Sith appeared defeated after the New Sith Wars concluded. Biography. With Lamar, Ell, and Kavar dead, Traya need only to turn Atris to ensure the Order's utter annihilation. Jul 30, 2020 ... "The Jedi Academy on Dantooine is nothing more than a crater that echoes with the ghosts of dead Jedi. During the exploration of the Enclave, the active cloning droids successfully cloned Vader, the Arrandas and Hoole, though they suffered many defects rendering them violent. The massacre on Taris was only partially successful, and their failure to kill all of the Padawans would have profound repercussions, inadvertently leading to an outbreak of Mandalorian attacks throughout the Ojoster sector. Vodo-Siosk Baas prepares to duel with Exar Kun on the plains outside the academy. As X2 blocked the entrance as the troops fled into the ruins, his brother, X1 led the Imperial assault group into the building and killed all the troops as well as Jedi Grey. The Ebon Hawk eventually touches down to friendly Dantooine. During the conflict the Council planned and executed an unprecedented assault, capturing Revan and reprogramming his mind. Dantooine The large below ground chamber's floors were clear and lines of high-backed chairs ringed the curving walls of the chamber, occasionally broken by large trees set in niches in the wall. Not only had the Enclave served as a place of learning for the past decades, but also as one of the major storehouses for Jedi artifacts that were saved from or created after the destruction of Ossus. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Knights of the Old Republic 4: Commencement, Part 4, Knights of the Old Republic 6: Commencement, Part 6, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Despite the setback, Revan destroyed the Star Forge and Malak, ending the civil war he began and bring about a short period of peace. Even a Sith Master such as Yuthura Ban found a second chance with the Jedi after her encounter with the powerful Revan. This would be the final formal Council of Dantooine, for Darth Malak would destroy the Enclave via orbital bombardment. The Jedi Enclave was a secret academy administered by the Jedi Order located on the planet Dantooine. And the Jedi … Following a costly war with the Republic and the Jedi, the controversial Treaty of Coruscant was signed and a protracted Cold War began. Directly above the room was the formal meeting chamber of the Jedi Council. [2], Along the western wing were entry points to the main training dojo and a general gathering chamber which served as an audience chamber used by the Council to meet with locals. With the leader of the opposition dead, the other Jedi retreated and left the caves and the Enclave behind.[11]. The Vision of this project is... "To be an example of a good SWRP community, having a good participation, respecting the good principles and values of a proper role-playing, based o… When I got there, I headed over to the Enclave but I can't enter the door to meet them. 84.5k members in the kotor community. Dantooine[1] Leading a huge army of Jedi and Republic soldiers, Darth Revan crafted for himself a massive Sith Empire as he declared civil war on the Jedi Order. [2], The Enclave's northeast face looked over the Khoonda plains, an area in which most foot-traffic to and from the Enclave took place. Among the academy's students five Padawans: Shad Jelavan, Kamlin, Oojoh, Gharn, and Zayne Carrick, were selected to become the apprentices of four Jedi Seers and another Master that were stationed at the new Jedi academy on the planet Taris. Before we go into the Jedi Enclave ruins, we'll stop at the salvager camp. I knew that Dantooine was where my character Tyria Drace planned to meet all the Jedi Masters once she located them, so I kind of thought it would be nice to go there last so I could just continue the story after finishing the planet quests. 3956 BBY After the war, Revan and Alec disappeared and, during this time, the secret Enclave on Dantooine served as a focal point for the local community, housing a landing facility and several shops. [8], Similar to the eastern wing, the west wing's entryway was barred by blast doors; yet while appearing outwardly the same, the entry hall descended under the Enclave's main floor and into the sublevel. Yeah, a whole 3 people here. IIRC, there is only one room in the Enclave which opens via terminal. The governance of the training facility was conferred to this body sometime after the Great Sith War, when the first overseer and the founder of the Jedi academy, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, died at the hands of his former apprentice Exar Kun. The Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council was the Council in charge of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.The governance of the training facility was conferred to this body sometime after the Great Sith War, when the first overseer and the founder of the Jedi academy, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, died at the hands of his former apprentice Exar Kun.. The main above ground structure of the complex, the central building consisted of an open-air courtyard, the hub of all activity in the Enclave. Indeed, Jedi Gall was working with a group of rebellious Jedi hoping to overturn the ruling of the Galactic Senate and the Jedi High Council in order to restart the war with the Empire. Not only did Force-sensitives looking for solace journey to the Enclave; Revan encouraged average civilians to visit the academy and immigrate to Dantooine where they may find peace. Without the Jedi Council to provide guidance, a government was formed in the new city of Khoonda. While Revan sought out the destruction of the Star Forge, an ancient Rakatan creation used by the Empire, Malak returned to Dantooine in 3956 BBY and ordered the orbital bombardment that would level the Enclave and kill most of its occupants. During the academy's heyday the courtyard was typically crowded with Jedi, settlers, and refugees from the surrounding regions, all gathering in the hopes of gaining an audience with the Jedi Council. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Jedi Master Zhar Lestin took it upon himself to train Revan once the Council was convinced that ignoring his newly rekindled Force-sensitivity was not a safe course of action. Many of the Jedi trained under this Council would become historically influential figures, most notably Revan, who was a famed Jedi Knight and hero of the Galactic Republic, and later Dark Lord of the Sith, before his mind was destroyed and he was trained once again as a Jedi to battle his own Sith Empire. The clone X2 and surviving Jedi Knight Falon Grey led a squadron of Alliance soldiers into the Enclave's hangar during an Imperial attack on the world. Laigreks in the sublevel after the bombardment of Dantooine. By 3951 BBY, Khoonda's salvage industry was still a main source of income for the local community, but the only place left with reasonable salvage was the sublevel, which had become infested with large vicious insects called laigreks. Like the central building the bay's exterior stone work was ornamented by six large fins which were spaced evenly around the exterior. When Jedi Shaela Nuur, Duron Qel-Droma, and Guun Han Saresh arrived at the Enclave, the Councilors had strong reservations regarding the Hunt; Lamar was wary of sending a Qel-Droma near any site known for it's dark energy, because of his cousin's fall to the dark side. You’ll eventually go back to the Ebon Hawk and have another dream with Bastila. On Dantooine the Enclave's ruins were legendary to the locals citizens, known as "The Place of Fallen Rocks", with rumors circulating that all who entered them never returned. Kaevee had learned to control the laigreks that swarmed the sublevel and referred to them as her "pets". Honestly, the first time I saw that stretch happening, I genuinely thought it was an intended effect to show that there was a dark power concentrated on your character. The main above ground structure of the complex, t… General information One of the common rooms led to a storage area, and another led to a droid bay which housed a number of GE3-series protocol droids; the Enclave's head technician, Dergar Chester, left notes about their overheating inconvenience. The overload causes the door to open. Part of early Jedi experimentation into the cloning sciences, the writings of Master Simikarty eventually led to a strict ban on future experiments and the chamber was locked and forgotten. Date fragmented Any help resolving my issue and getting into the Enclave would be much … You may have noticed the time between these KOTOR II posts is getting longer; I blame Dantooine. [8], While many classrooms and training chambers were found in the sublevels, the largest room was the Jedi Archives which was located underneath the landing platform. During the fighting Shan realized that Master Dar'Nala had succumbed to the dark side of the Force in her attempts to destroy the Sith and, before Shan could take her quietly, Dalborra punched the Togruta Jedi in the face, killing her. [6][7], As the Mandalorian Wars roared about the Outer Rim Territories, the Council refused to back the Republic in their war efforts. [8], Following the failed Conclave on Katarr, Jedi Master Vrook Lamar took advantage of the Enclave's permeation with the dark side to mask his presence from the Sith Triumvirate, a group of Sith that were responsible for initiating the Great Jedi Purge five years after the Order's Civil War. 3951 BBY Situated on a raised dais, the garden chamber was filled with natural sunlight filtered in from above and a stone bench sat at the room's center. The Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council was the Council in charge of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Under the guidance of Jedi Master Dorak, the Enclave's official Chronicler, Revan chose a more specific path of Jedi training and constructed a new lightsaber in the training room of the Jedi Enclave. Access to the Archives was restricted to only Jedi Masters, a policy which differed from the ruined library on Ossus and the main Archives on Coruscant. When his father, banker Arvan Carrick, was targeted by the five Masters still pursuing him, Tokare welcomed the Carrick family to Dantooine's Enclave for as long as they liked and took Arvan Carrick as his new accountant. When the Sith assaulted the Jedi Enclave, seeking Revan —and asking questions only about Revan—Kaevee was outside the Enclave. As the Jedi Civil War broke out, Master Nisi had been replaced by Jedi historian Dorak. Shuma The Hutt was also supposed to have a place in the Enclave and a conversation with Revan, but the character was cut. [8], Following the deaths of the Jedi Masters, Jedi historian Deesra Luur Jada returned to the Enclave to survey the ruins. Before he would join Surik's mission to find the remnants of the High Council, he mentioned his conclusions on the thefts, implying the Jedi themselves were behind most of them, for the sake of a seeming effort to prevent their knowledge from being used to find Jedi. The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine is a hidden refuge for the Jedi, where they can train new generations of Jedi, and be of help to the locals at the same time. No copyright intended, all content belongs to its respected owned. After the bombing, the Republic could not afford to send help, which ruined Dantooine's farming community. Ah, the Jedi Enclave. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords on the PC, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you open the sub levels door to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine? The Dantooine Jedi Enclave Council was the Council in charge of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. In a stunning move, Revan's armies defeated the Mandalorians, hailing the war a victory for the Republic.[2]. Part 21: Dantooine: A Snooty British Exposition Machine We have a new, non-South Park Jesus emoticon today! Dantooine is the first place you visit after Taris, and the planet has a Jedi enclave with most of the Jedi Council on it, and where Revan is trained to become a Jedi again. The small rotunda's windowed walls overlooked the grassy plains outside while a ring of four chairs were positioned within. Finding a dependable ally in his original mentor from the Enclave, Master Vandar Tokare, Tokare was contacted by the fugitive Padawan when his Master's betrayal had left him with no one else he could trust. Map of a section of the Enclave, c. 3956 BBY. The Enclave was left ruined and pillaged by the Sith who took with them holocrons that revealed the locations of other secret academies. This Council, made up of four Jedi Masters, would oversee all the needs of the Enclave and were responsible for insuring that its pupils upheld the Jedi Code so far from Coruscant. Headquarters This salvager hag sells stuff she pilfered from the Academy. Following the death of Baas and later the end of the war, an administrative body was placed in charge of the Enclave, serving as a satellite to the Jedi High Council which had recently reconvened on Coruscant following the devastation of Ossus. The eastern "spoke" of the academy building housed the main hallway leading into the Enclave's central courtyard building. Granting her wish Jedi Revan, Juhani, and Shan departed the Enclave in search of Revan's former Padawan.[2]. During the short decades proceeding the death of Baas and Kun, the academy flourished under the leadership of the satellite Council. The government permitted salvagers to become an organized group sanctioned by the Khoonda civil code and establish settlements in the area of the east courtyard of the Enclave. The main entrance to the Enclave was accessible from the east courtyard, the main approach to the complex from the Khoonda plains. As part of his training, Revan confronted a fallen Jedi in the Ancient Grove and convinced her to let go of her anger and return to the Order. Viewing this decision unacceptable, former Dantooine pupil Revan led a group of dissident Jedi against the Mandalorians, rallying hundreds of Jedi to his cause. The Jedi Enclave was still standing by the time of the Third Galactic War. In one case, the farmer Jon lost his daughter in a raid of the Mandalorian Sherruk; he sought an audience with the Council, which was known for taking its time on deciding such matters. Separated by forests o… Content approaching. Unknown to the Council, this rogue group of Masters eventually came to plan the sacrifice of their Padawans in an attempt to prevent a prophecy which foretold one of the apprentices would destroy the Jedi Order.

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