Upon detonation, 10,000 Germans stationed on the ridge vanish instantly. Armistice signed at Brest-Litovsk between Russian Bolshevik Government and Bulgaria, Central Powers and Turkey, to begin at noon December 17th, and terminate January 14th, 1918 (see 13th and 22nd). German Government announce forthcoming "unrestricted" submarine warfare and threaten to sink hospital ships (see February 1st). clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place. What Happened in 1918. Some of the most fertile ground in the world is around the fighting fields of The Great War. June 13, 1917 - London suffers its highest civilian casualties of the war as German airplanes bomb the city, killing 158 persons and wounding 425. However, Russian soldiers and peasants are now flocking to Lenin's Bolshevik Party which opposes the war and the Provisional Government. U.S. Enters World War I On April 6, 1917, the United States formally declared war against Germany and entered the conflict in Europe. Action of Tikrit (Mesopotamia) (see 6th). M. Stephen Pichon appointed French Foreign Minister (see 14th). Count Esterhazy appointed Hungarian Premier (see May 23rd and August 9th). Lenin announces that Soviet Russia will immediately end its involvement in the war and renounces all existing treaties with the Allies. Admiral Sims, United States Navy, hoists his flag at Queenstown as acting Commander-in-Chief Irish Command (see April 9th and May 2nd). United States Government announce decision to send a Division of the United States Army to France at once (see June 25th). Bomb fragments also pierced the corrugated iron roofing of a nursing s… According to the scheme, Germany would provide tactical support while Mexico would benefit by expanding into the American Southwest, retrieving territories that had once been part of Mexico. French Foreign Minister in speech outlines French War Aims (see January 5th, 1918). M. Lebrun succeeds M. Jonnart as French Minister for Blockade (see 16th). Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo ends (see October 24th). M. Trepov, Russian Premier, resigns and is succeeded by Prince Golitsin (see November 24th, 1916 and March 13th, 1917). Allied Offensive in Macedonia to free Monastir begins (see 23rd). July 1917 and ended in November 1917. April 6, 1917 - The United States of America declares war on Germany. Battle of Cambrai, 1917, ends (see November 20th, 1917 and October 8th, 1918). King Constantine of Greece abdicates in favour of his second son, Prince Alexander (see 11th). This battle was part of the British offensive known as the Third Battle of Gaza aimed at breaking the Turkish defensive line that stretched from M. Cochin succeeded by M. Métin as French Under-Secretary for Blockade (see March 20th, 1916 and November 16th, 1917). September 20, 1917 - A revised British strategy begins at Ypres designed to wear down the Germans. Eventually, he finds the Second Devons in a nearby forest, where a member of the battalion is singing a song as they prepare to march into battle. Uruguay severs diplomatic relations with Germany. War happened because of several different events that took place in the years building up to … Gaza to Beersheba. General Guillaumat appointed Allied Commander-in-Chief at Salonika (see 14th, and June 6th, 1918). The British Admiralty, following on a Cabinet decision, appoint a Committee, in conjunction with the Ministry of Shipping, to draw up a plan to convoy merchant ships (see June 14th and July 2nd). June 25, 1917 - The first American troops land in France. General van Deventer succeeds General Hoskins in command of British forces in East Africa (see January 20th). Russian battleship "Slava" sunk (see September 3rd). Battles of the Western Front: British Flanders Offensive 1917, Battles of the Western Front: British Cambrai Offensive 1917. M. Venizelos assumes power at Athens. ltaly accedes to Franco-British Convention as to naval "prizes" (see November 9th, 1914). German operations in Portuguese East Africa, begin (see December 1st, 1917 and September 29th, 1918). General Byelyaev, Russian Minister for War, removed from office by Revolutionary party (see 12th, 15th, and January 17th).

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